A Perplexing BumblebeeJuly 24, 2022

  When it came time for me to identify this particularly fuzzy bumblebee, I soon discovered that there are dozens of different species in the United States (and probably hundreds worldwide).

Although my bumblebee identification abilities are primitive, but I feel certain that this one has to be a perplexing bumblebee (Bombus perplexus).

A perplexing bumblebee
  Yes, there is such a critter that has "perplexing" as its official name (and I hope the powers that be never change it).

The perplexing bumblebee is equally fuzzy when seen from above.

A perplexing bumblebee
  Hard at work on a thistle flower.
A perplexing bumblebee
  I saw any number of perplexing bumblebees from the last half of June to the beginning of July. They appeared to prefer a particular patch of thistle flowers, but when those flowers turned to seed, I lost track of those bumblebees. Truly perplexing.

Photo note: The photos were taken with the Pentax K3-II and the Pentax SMC-A* 200mm macro lens in late June and early July 2022 at the Toftrees game land, State College, Pennsylvania.

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