Dandelion Seeds
Unloved but Beautiful

  Has ever any wildflower been more maligned than the dandelion? The scourge of lovers of pure green lawns, the dandelion spreads its seeds across Long Island, the United States as a whole, and, probably, the world. Furthermore, has any other flower had its own special killing instrument? Yes, the V-shaped dandelion killer is one the most common garden tools available.

Nevertheless . . . how beautiful the dandelion! Its bright yellow flowers are among the first of spring, and seen up close, its seed structure is a geodesic delight, as shown in the following photo.

Geodesic dandelion seeds
  So despite the vast population of dandelion killers and haters, spare a kind thought to this otherwise beautiful and hardy flower. Take a puff and spread those dandelion seeds today! . . . but first . . . take a photo. You'll enjoy it.

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