After the rain was over
Dew Drops, Spring 2001

  These photos stem from the second week in April, during a misty morning after a night rain.

I don't know what type of tree the first two are from, but along with spring budding, the smaller branches have become a brilliant red.

Branch drops
  The second photo is an enlargement of the first, in which the dew drops are refracting a goodly part of the tree itself. (Well, not so much of an enlargement, since the photo is from my 90mm macro lens, but much closer to life size.)
Dew drops
  The photo below displays a forsythia branch just before the buds become flowers.
Forsythia drops
  The following enlargement (or life size) again has the larger dew drops refracting the forsythia itself.
Forsythia flowers with dew

  My alternate title for this page would have been "wet and beautiful."

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