Two DragonfliesSept. 30, 2007

  About the only dragonfly that I can identify with confidence is the common whitetail; however, neither of the two dragonflies below is a common whitetail. (I'm saving that for a future page.)

But aren't dragonflies, whatever the type, magnificent?

Bluish dragonfly
  The second dragonfly is probably a "darner," but what kind of a darner? I'd guess a shadow darner, but I wouldn't place any money on my hunches.
Dragonfly, perhaps a darner
  Photo note: Both photos were taken with the Pentax *1st D and the SMC 1000mm reflex lens in the last week of September, in the Toftrees game land behind Cooper's Pond, State College, Pennsylvania. Both images are 40 percent of the actual size; it's always difficult to judge which reduction is best for viewing versus web convenience.


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