Snow Geese
The Flyby

30-second video (3.8-meg file)
March 8, 2009

This is the first of two videos of snow geese in action at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, Pennsylvania, which is a key staging point for the spring migration of snow geese. They arrive there in the tens of thousands. Over 80,000 geese were at Middle Creek on Sunday, March 1, but not all the geese are shown here. This is a view a flyby, or the edge of a swarm (or goosestorm).

The video is intended for anyone with high-speed access, and it begins automatically.



Note: If you'd like to see the video again (after the end credits are shown), right click on the movie and then click on play. (Watching this one again after the initial download eliminates any unfortunate pauses.)

Video note: The video was taken on Sunday, 1 March 2009, on an old Sony digital-8 camcorder; digital footage was captured and edited in Pinnacle Studio 10; and a mp4 file was converted to Flash by DVDVideoSoft's free converter.  

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