Hawk Migration 2008
four photos from early fall
September 21, 2008


Jo Hayes Vista on Tussey Mountain in Pennsylvania doesn't have the number of hawks that other hawkwatch sites have, but Jo Hayes is convenient for a fast hawk break, and aren't hawks beautiful?

The star in early fall is the broadwing. The one below has a full crop, evidently having enjoyed a fast lunch for the journey south.

Broadwing hawk

Bald eagles are always a welcome sight. The one below would have been born in 2007 (and would be categorized as a Basic II).
Bald eagle, Basic II

Kestrels are a challenge to photograph as they jig across the sky.
American kestrel

Red-tailed hawks (or redtails or RTs) are the most abundant hawk. The one below is a star among redtails.
Red-tailed hawk kiting

Photo note: I used a Pentax K200D, with the SMC reflex 1000mm lens during the past week.  

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