Love and Jealousy on an Icelandic Lake, 1
A Whooper Swan Tale

It was a beautiful, crisp spring day (early May 1998), and Sue and I were by Tjörnin, a small lake in the center of Reykjavík. Since heating pipes go through the lake, Tjörnin has become an all-year residence of various birds, including whooper swans and eider ducks, which one may not see elsewhere.

On this particular day, everyone seemed somewhat lazy and more quiet than is usually the case. Nevertheless, if you are curious about the milieu of the day and if you have a Realplayer (version 5 or more recent), click here and a 20K file (from a recording that day by Sue) will present the sounds of the lake, including some musical whooper trumpeting.
Whooper swan couple
The whoopers were milling about the lake, here and there, and it wasn't at all obvious as to who was with whom (yes, swans mate for life).

Whooper display 1

However, one large fellow approached a lady and displayed himself at his best.
Whooper display 2

After he spread his wings as if to hide her from sight, the two engaged in gentle necking.
Whooper necking
Of course, not everyone enjoys happiness, and their moment was interrupted.

part 2: Jealousy on the lake

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