Patience on the Balcony
August 2001

  By the end of July it didn't look as if the trumpet vine was going to flower this summer. Last year the it flowered and flowered throughout the summer in a beautiful display of bright orange flowers, so the lack of flowers this year was very disappointing.

In the beginning of August, one stalk began growing buds rather than leaves. And it was at that point I realized that someone was looking forward to the flowers far more than I was.
Patience and buds
Yes, that's Patience up above. Her waist is too slim to be a yellow jacket, and obviously, her colors are more so than a typical wasp. Whatever type of wasp she is (perhaps a "trumpet vine wasp"?), Patience is very patient. Day and night she hung around the buds as they grew and grew.

Eventually the green buds began to turn somewhat orange, and the bud profile resembled a flower more than a bud.

About a week after I took the above photo, half the buds opened into flowers, but Patience keeps exploring the unopened buds while going in and out of the opened flowers. The photo below, from last year, shows part of the display, with many more buds in the lower-right-hand corner.

Trumpet vine
  This weekend I'll try to get some video footage of Patience as she continues her own gardening.

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