Tree Seeds (spring 2001)

  Within it, spring has numerous events which come and go with amazing rapidity. Trees blossom and seed all over the place, and each tree has its own unique seed.

The corkscrew willow, below, has seeds which match the corkscrew regularity of its leaves.

Corkscrew willow
  [Update of May 2003] This photo of a birch shows the male catkins on the left and the female catkins on the right.
Birch maybe
  Although oaks come from acorns, the leaves on the fellow below look to make it an oak, but it has long lines of seeds beneath its newly opened leaves.
Oak maybe
Doesn't it look like a jellyfish with its long tentacles?

By the number of seeds shown, the trees are really trying to repopulate the land. One can only wish that they'd succeed.

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