Bald EagleJune 21, 2009

These photos are from the earlier part of the paddle across the lake at Bald Eagle State Park (and my page on the actual paddle is here).

The eaglet below is only about four months old but has reached adult size (but not adult color!).

Bald eaglet (or immature bald eagle)

However large the eaglet looks is nothing compared to when the eaglet opens its wings.
The eaglet's flap

The eaglet above wasn't readying itself to fly as much as steadying its position on the branch.

Perhaps there is no greater contrast than between a juvenile bald eagle first learning to fly and an experienced adult.

Soaring bald eagle
  The parent bald eagles at BESP have raised five familes thus far. They're certainly doing their share to bring bald eagles into view.

Photo note: I used a Pentax K200D, with the SMC-A* 300mm lens, on June 19, 2009, taken at Bald Eagle State Park.

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