Black-Capped Chickadee
in Action

Parus atricapillus
Feb. 5, 2012

Black-capped chickadees are incredibly lively and rarely perch long enough for a photo. And although this is an "action" page, I thought it reasonable to begin with a chickadee perching, to give an idea of the general appearance of the bird.
Black-capped chickadee
  And then on to an action sequence. First, here's a chickadee taking off (in January last year and very fluffed out).
Black-capped chickadee taking off
  Then there's the action chickadee maintaining balance at a sock feeder.
Black-capped chickadee keeping balance
  Coming in for a landing is beautiful too.
Black-capped chickadee landing
  It's always a treat to see a chickadee and more of a treat to photograph one.

Photo note: I used a Pentax k20D, with a variety of lenses. The first photo is from January 2011; the middle two from December 2011; and the final one from January 2012.

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