Cooper's Hawk
and a Red-Tailed Hawk
8 Nov. 2015

The prevous Sunday, while I was out walking in the Toftrees game land, I saw an immature Cooper's hawk in the distance.
Immature Cooper's hawk
  The Cooper's hawk seemed to take it amiss that there was a mature red-tailed hawk in the area and flew straight toward it.
Cooper's hawk
  I didn't note any actual contact between the two, but the Cooper's came very close to the red-tail. The photo (with the wings of the two hawks slightly overlapping) is a good size comparison of a Cooper's and a red-tail.
Cooper's hawk

For a brief moment, the two were in parallel with one another, and then they went their separate ways.
Cooper's hawk

I wish I had a longer lens handy, as it was the first interaction between a Cooper's hawk and a red-tailed hawk that I had photographed.

Photo note: I used a Pentax K3, with the Pentax SMC-D 60-250mm lens, for the photos, taken on 1 November 2015.

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