American Coot
Fulica americana
Dec. 2, 2012

The American coot (Fulica americana) is a ducklike bird that enjoys bobbing for plant snacks.

The coot isn't uncommon, but I generally only see them during the spring. Actually, I've seen them far more often in England's Lake District.

It is an attractive enough bird, the coot does have an unfortunate name. Couldn't someone find a reason for applying a better name?

American coot smiling

From the smile in the first photo is a coot demonstration of what it means to have lunch.
American coot and meal

The coot made short work of its meal, sipping the final bit as if it were a strand of spaghetti.
American coot sipping

Photo note: I used a Pentax K20D, with I forget which lens, either the Sigma 150-500mm lens or the Pentax SMC 1000mm reflex lens, during April 2011 (first photo) and April 2012 (second two photos).

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