Goldfinch AnticsOctober 2004


  The very first bird at any of our feeders was a goldfinch. Then there were two, and now there's a gang of them. I have various photos featuring three or four goldfinches eating together, but the chalet hardly has room for that many. They play "bump" with one another . . . although some were very well behaved.

For example, the goldfinch below posed for me while awaiting his turn.

  The males are losing their vibrant yellow for the winter, but he still has a fair bit of color left.
  For the following sequence, I don't know whether the male goldfinch was a fledge newly turned yellow or a big baby, so to say.
Female goldfinch contemplating a young male
  Each time a female goldfinch would attempt to land at the feeder (or each time the same female attempted to land), he'd immediately peck at her beak - until - success!
Goldfinch being fed by parent
  Yes, no matter how old the bird or the whatever, everyone enjoys extra coddling.

Photo note: The photos were taken during October 2004, in State College, with the Pentax *istD and the SMC-A* 300mm lens.

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