Golden-Crowned KingletNovember 2009

Whereas I have a good collection of ruby-crowned kinglets, I seldom come across golden-crowned kinglets. The first two photos date from 2005, and the third is from April 2009. (Other birders nearby report golden-crowned kinglets far more often than I myself see them.)

Golden-crowned kinglets are tiny, tiny birds, not much larger than a hummingbird.

And for whatever reason, while it is somewhat rare to see the ruby crown of the ruby-crowned kinglet, the yellow crown is generally visible in the yellow-crowned kinglet.

Golden-crowned kinglet
  I'm not particularly pleased by these photos (and hope that I'll have better ones in the future), but the following shows a good rear view with the kinglet's yellow-edged wings.
Rear view of golden-crowned kinglet
  Four years after the above photos were taken, I finally had another golden-crowned kinglet in my camera's viewer.
Golden-crowned kinglet

Next year I'll do better - or so I tell myself.

Photo note: I used a Pentax *istD, with the SMC 400-600mm lens, for the first two photos (February 2005) and a Pentax K200D, with the SMC 1000mm reflex lens, for the third photo (April 2009).

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