White-Breasted NuthatchOctober 2004


A shy nuthatch
If this white-breasted nuthatch on the left appears shy, no doubt it is because he's accustomed to finding his food on a tree trunk. Since a characteristic of the species is to proceed head first down a trunk, a nuthatch is easy to identify (thank goodness).
Nuthatch working down the trunk
Once this particular nuthatch became comfortable with the idea of a bird feeder, he became very intense.
Intense white-breasted nuthatch

The photos were taken late in the afternoon on a cloudy day, so the average speed of any photo is between a 30th and a 40th of a second, which is why the seeds that the nuthatch is tossing look like fireworks.
Nuthatch tossing seed
  The photo below cries out for a caption, which could vary from "Where is it?" to "Who's intense!?"
Very intense white-breasted nuthatch
  Photo note: During October 2004, in State College, I used a Pentax *istD, with the SMC-A* 300mm lens either by itself or with a Pentax 1.4x adapter for these photos.

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