OspreyApril 29, 2007

The osprey (also known as a fish hawk) is a large raptor whose exclusive diet is fish.

For about the past two weeks, a male osprey has been hanging around by the pond between the game land and the Toftrees golfcourse, both of which are very convenient from Cooper's Pond.

Perching male osprey
  Last month, in March, I photographed a female osprey over the pond, so perhaps the two of them have a nest not too far away.

The following photo isn't as sharp as I'd prefer, but it does show the enormous wingspan of an osprey relative to her body size.

Female osprey in flight
  Notice the "necklace" on her upper breast, which helps to distinguish female from male ospreys.

Admittedly, the next photo is farther afield, taken at Bald Eagle State Park, but it is a sharp photo of a male osprey in flight.

Male osprey in flight
  Somewhat farther down the lake, the osprey dived into a lake - with a big splash.
Osprey splash
  Following is the wing of the osprey, as he starts to come out of the water.
Osprey wing
  It took the osprey three dives, but he did capture a large fish.

Photo note: I used a Pentax *ist D, with the SMC 1000mm reflex lens (handheld), for these photos.

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