An Osprey TransitOct. 9, 2011

Earlier in the week, I was at Jo Hays Vista and had a marvelous, close encounter with an osprey (informally known as a fish hawk, as its diet is fish). Jo Hays affords not only a good view over State College (i.e., Happy Valley) but also a good view of migrating raptors.

The day was overcast for the most part, but the sky opened up to show blue perhaps so that the osprey had a more scenic background. Perhaps the water vapor in the air takes away a little of the sharpness of the first photo, but what a wonderful stare of an incoming osprey.

Osprey approaching
  The osprey folds his wings, somewhat, accelerating on his approach over Jo Hays.  
Osprey incoming
  The osprey passes at high speed almost directly overhead.  
Osprey overhead
  And then the osprey relaxes a little, opening his wings to continue his effortless soaring.  
Osprey overhead
  What can I say except that an osprey is incredibly beautiful!

Photo note: On October 3, 2011, I used a Pentax K20D, with the Sigma 150-500mm lens, for the photos.

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