Pileated Woodpecker
Jan. 31, 2021

I had been hearing a pileated woodpecker calling throughout January, but it wasn't until Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021, that I finally saw one come to the suet feeder.

At first the male pileated woodpecker (identified by the "red mustache") remained somewhat hidden, peeking around the tree trunk for several minutes.

Pileated woodpecker, peek 1

While peeking, the pileated kept changing his head position (I suppose to see every possible angle).
Pileated woodpecker, peek 2

Or perhaps the pileated was simply making sure that there weren't any humans nearby.
Pileated woodpecker, peek 3

Finally, the pileated woodpecker flew to the suet feeder for a good meal.
Pileated woodpecker on suet feeder

Each time I see and/or photograph a pileated woodpecker, I keep thinking, They are so amazing!

Photo note: I used a Pentax K3-II, with the Pentax 150-450mm lens, for the photos, taken on Jan. 27, 2021.

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