Solitary SandpiperApril 2006

If you're not familiar with sandpipers, then a sandpiper looks like a pigeon except it has (a) an extension neck, (b) long, long bill, and (c) long, long legs.

The real challenge is being able to tell one sandpiper from another. The lesser yellowlegs and the solitary sandpiper look alike, but the former has yellow legs and the latter green legs. I'm assuming that the sandpiper below has legs that are more green than yellow, but . . .

By the reasoning above, welcome to the solitary sandpiper. Yesterday it appeared with a friend, but today it was by itself. I'd expect no less from anything called solitary.

Solitary sandpiper with open beak
  It always impresses me when a bird with a long, thin bill opens its beak.
Solitary sandpiper walking

And talk about long toes!

The following photo also had some sandpiper reflection, but that would have made the image rather large.

Solitary sandpiper and shadow
  This solitary sandpiper has been sneaking some ballet lessons on the side.
Solitary sandpiper as  ballerina
  For two days now, the sandpiper has been at the same pool; I wonder whether it will be there tomorrow.

Photo note: I used a Pentax *ist D, with SMC 1000mm reflex lens on April 29 and 30, 2006.

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