Red-Winged BlackbirdJune 14, 2009

The best aspect of a red-winged blackbird is easy identification. No other bird looks quite like one. Those brilliant red epaulets stand out remarkably well.
Red-winged blackbird
  The problem with the red-winged blackbird is that they tend to appear in large number and, worse, their "song" is an assault on the ears. And once a redwing starts screeching, it's not likely to stop any too soon.
Red-winged blackbird singing
  I actually have better associations with the female red-winged blackbird, which is neither black nor does it have red shoulder patches. The female's pattern is intriguing.
Female red-winged blackbird
  While red-winged blackbirds appear by the feeders from time to time, I prefer listing the redwing farther away, in the surrounding area. They're striking birds, but I wouldn't mind if they flew elsewhere.

Photo note: I used a Pentax K200D for the first two photos (taken in June 2009) and a Pentax *ist D for the third (taken in April 2008), all with the SMC 1000mm reflex lens.

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