Rough-Legged HawkDec. 31, 2007

Almost immediately after being startled by a light-colored raptor (that turned out to be a short-eared owl), a rough-legged hawk flew into view. (At the time I only knew that it wasn't a red-tailed hawk.)
Rough-legged hawk
  The rough-leg did one loop nearby before disappearing in the opposite direction of the owl. The three images are a consecutive sequence of photos (otherwise known as luck in manual focus).
Rough-legged hawk
  The almost moody view below is from photographing through branches, which obscure detail (so it's reduced 50 percent, whereas the first two are shown at 67 percent).
Rough-legged hawk through branches
  Rough-legged hawks are occasional winter visitors from northern Canada. I've only seen a rough-leg once before, also in the game land but from a long ways away.

Photo note: I used a Pentax *ist D, with the SMC 1000mm reflex lens (handheld), for these photos. Within the same minute, a short-eared owl flew into view. Two unusual sightings during the same minute on the same day, Dec. 15, 2007!

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