Sharing by the Suet FeederJune 2006

I was surprised one day in May when a male pileated woodpecker came to the "feeder tree." (Male pileated woodpeckers have a red mustache following the line of their bill; females have a black mustache.)

A friend of ours commented that pileated woodpeckers go for suet, but this was the first time that I seen any eating suet at our feeder.

Pileated woodpecker approaching suet
After a brief inspection, which showed the pileated was already familiar with the suet placement, he began eating.
Pileated woodpecker enjoying suet
  Soon thereafter, a male red-bellied woodpecker arrived. He landed lower down on the tree. After a moment's thought, he hopped up to the other side of the suet.
Pileated woodpecker and red-bellied woodpecker sharing suet
  For a few minutes the pileated and red-bellied shared space and suet.

A very friendly scene!

Photo note: I used a Pentax *ist D, with the SMC-A* 200mm macro lens for these photos, which were taken in May 2006. These were large images, each reduced to 33 percent (after cropping).

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