American Tree SparrowApril 2007

The American tree sparrow is known as the "winter chippie" for two reasons: It (1) is a winter visitor to Pennsylvania and northern U.S. (and prefers to return to the high arctic for nesting and (2) resembles the chipping sparrow, inasmuch as it is small, brightly colored (for a sparrow), has a red cap, and a dark eye line.
American tree sparrow at feeder
The American tree sparrow is a tad larger than a chipping sparrow, but in terms of identification two features stand out. Its upper bill is dark, whereas the lower is yellow. Somewhat easier to notice is that the American tree sparrow has a dark spot on its otherwise clear breast.
American tree sparrow at feeder

In addition to the American tree sparrows being a common (and welcome) feeder bird, I encounter them very often in the game land.
American tree sparrow
  In the photo above, the tree sparrow has a clear V for victory.

Photo note: I used a Pentax *ist D, with a variety of lenses (the third was taken with the SMC 1000mm reflex) during winter 2006-2007.

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