Brown ThrasherMay 2006

The brown thrasher is a sort of stretch American robin: longer tail, longer bill, longer body, and so on. The thrasher's color is distinctly on the reddish shade of brown, although the following photo (taken in the shade) doesn't do its brightness any justice.

As far as feeder birds go, the brown thrasher thrashes on the ground. Leaves and whatnot are swept in every direction. Yes, the thrasher definitely deserves its name.

Brown thrasher on the ground
  A few days ago, in the Toftree's game land north of Cooper's Pond, I heard a brilliant song, but the bird was obscured in the young oak leaves and seeds.
Brown thrasher partially hidden
At first I thought it was a thrush, but then I noticed its yellow eyes, which meant "Thrasher." Eventually, it switched trees, and I had a reasonable view.
Brown thrasher singing
  By the fourth or fifth tree switch, the brown thrasher landed on a branch in plain sight, and was singing all the while. It has quite a repertorie and is a true spring treat.
Brown thrasher singing
  Photo note: I used a Pentax *istD, with the SMC-A* 300mm lens for the first shot and the SMC 1000mm reflex for the remaining ones.

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