House WrenFebruary 2008

Last summer I thought I was photographing a Carolina wren, but after sending an image to the State College bird list members, it was pointed out that it was a house wren.

In hindsight, as with most everything else, it should have been obvious.

House wren
  That is, obvious, when the wren turned around and showed a clear profile. No eye stripe.
House wren
  Here's a link to my Carolina wren photos for comparison.

A second house wren joined the first, and then it was the challenge of keeping both in focus.

Two house wrens

House wrens occasionally stop by the feeders at home, but these photos came from the game land next to Cooper's Pond.

Photo note: On August 14, 2007, I used a Pentax *istD, with the SMC 1000mm reflex lens, for these photos.

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