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A Cloudy Tale

Taking a cat on a walk outside is rather different from taking a dog on a walk. For one, a cat - or Cloudberry in this case - is not particularly keen on mindless running or greeting. She enjoys sitting and watching.

Of course, when one has short legs and is consequently just a few inches off the ground, the view can be impeded. Therefore, a convenient rock is an excellent reason for gaining a vantage point.
Blue eyes

Viewpoint from cat-sized boulder.

Cloud's main interests include any bird larger than a starling (she turns up her nose at chickadees) and rabbits and squirrels. At any point of sighting, she is then quite willing to engage in a run while dragging a human behind her.

Occasionally, a rock just doesn't do the trick, and Cloud demonstrates her tree-climbing abilities.
Tree climbing

Cloud on look out!

Her climbing technique is very different from what I had expected: Cloud slowly walks up the tree, no matter how vertical. Underneath that fur is a little animal who doesn't weigh very much.

Coming down is accomplished in one of two ways. Alternative 1: She reverses herself 180 degrees and walks down with a jump at the last foot or two. Alternative 2: Cloud reaches the maximum height that I can reach, so I take her off the tree. The latter method allows Berry to demonstrate her growl of displeasure. She feels that she is fully capable of handling any feline situation.

I wish I felt that way.

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