Cloudberry's new tail

a Cloudy plume
The happy cat walks about with tail bolt upright, a mannerism generally associated with kittens. Well . . . perhaps Cloudberry is a perpetual kitten, because her tail is not only bolt upright most of the time but is fluffed out right and left, which is why her nom de plume is Plume.

In the feline world, then, Cloudberry is one attractive lady, and every new cat in the household immediately begins following her around.

And so it is with George.

What about George? What about George who has earned the nicknames of Wee Geordie and Holy Terror . . .

While walking outside perhaps the only two ways to get by is either to mind your own business or act street crazy. And one day Sue was not minding her own business and George was indeed acting street crazy: he was climbing a brick wall -- and succeeding. Sue had the promptness of mind to pluck him off the wall but, alas, brought him home.

His method of thanks has been to be hysterically happy all over the place, playing with anything that can be played with if not following Cloud.

Occasionally Cloud puts up with it. Other times the growl from hell greets the kitten from hell. But they seem to be coming to terms with one another . . . as the shot shows.  

Cloud and young holy terror
Other times he's content to try to manipulate me into recognizing that he is a superior kitten by plopping a favorite toy on one of my feet and then proceeding to play with it. With the toy, that is . . . though occasionally my toes are the innocent victims of the enthusiastic cat.  

Young George
My left foot would never try to steal a scene.


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