On a roll
. . . with Cloudberry

Occasionally things work out. Occasionally a camera is actually on hand when it should be . . . when forces of nature are at work. Such as at the juncture of a roll of paper towels left unattended and an irresistible Cloudberry.

Of course it would have been easy to remove the roll of paper towels, but who am I to stand in the way of a cat at work-play?

Sequence 1

The diligent Cloudberry works from right to left. First bite, so to say, is a concentration on the right, and she slowly moves to the left. Afterward, when the pattern is established, the pace from right to left is much more rapid.

When her pattern is completed, Cloud pulls the towels off the roll to display her artwork to best advantage.

Sequence 2
Sequence 3

Finished artwork is suitable for framing or, if one has a camera or scanner available, electronic media. In this particular instance, the background tile to this page is Cloudberry's paper towel art.

Copyright © 1997 by Chet Gottfried (for Cloudberry).

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