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36 Holes Plus

Notes and Thoughts

December 12, 2010
The game became freeware.

March 26, 2004
For version 3, I added a straightforward course of another 18 holes, since some people didn't care for random hazards. In effect, then, the game includes two types of miniputt: straightforward play (course one) and random hazards that help or hinder (course two).

To go along with the two different courses, the best games screen features the top six games from each course. Of course, being Flash, nothing is written to disk, and the top scores only exist for the present playing session--although you can clear them from within the game too.

The shareware version has the first eleven holes from the two courses. You can download or register the game here.

November 30, 2002
Although the material is essential the same, I rewrote and reorganized the Flash file, which resulted in greater efficiency. In English: smoother game play. Whereas on my Pentium 2, 450 MHz, game speed is the same, the game now plays well on my old Pentium 200-MHz computer too. Also, Flash MX enjoyed the new version, so I was able to generate version for Mac OS 10.x.

August 5, 2002
The game is finished! I gave it the version number 2.0, which represents the difference between this and its younger siblings (the online version and the download version).

The zip file (PC) or sit file (Mac) will expand to its own directory, cg_game, with a readme and the Flash file golfplus.exe (PC) or golfplus (Mac).

This page will have up-to-date information on the game.

I trust that you're already familiar with the game via the smaller online or download versions. Well, not only is each hole different in this game, but you'll find the action much smoother. The bounces are better, and the ball travels farther and faster. Overall, it's more imaginative, though I kept the same splash screen (because I like it), but I added the proper subtitle ("18 Holes Plus") throughout.

I added the quickie key menu at the bottom of the course, since one tester forgot the keys midway through the game.

The bonus hole for this version is still tough. For two players, two different balls are used (standard and purple), with a yellow X to mark the position of the first player (when it isn't that player's turn) and with a purple X to mark the position of the second player (when it isn't that player's turn).

Deleting the two game files (golfplus.exe and this readme), not to mention the zip file, will completely remove this game from your computer.

The game has been written in Flash 5.

For version 2.5, the ball moves much easier. For instance, for hole 13, "The Swamp," the options are bypassing the alligator tail, going over the turtle, or whamming across the water. In the previous version, one needed full power to get across the stream; now one can get across with something less than full power (but I personally find going the way of the turtle to be easiest).

Also in version 2.5, hole 16 went down to one windmill, but the setup is somewhat more tricky for a player, inasmuch as a bomb has been added. Nevertheless, there are two ways of achieving a hole in one here.

Golf plus has many more variables than my golf sampler. For instance, if a ball bounces off a plant, there is a fifty-fifty chance that it will bounce east or west (or, if a north-south plant, north or south). That is random. Going for plant bounces can make your score much better or much worse. Feeling lucky?

The other main point is that when the ball pops out of a hole, after the hop itself, the ball will maintain its original speed (minus a factor) and direction. Those two factors have important consequences.

If the hole is moving and your ball is right before its path, your ball may roll right in; on the other hand, it may roll back in a different direction. Luck, luck, luck.

A hole in the wall is easier to hit, and doors are larger. Note, however, that a ball can still be trapped within a door that suddenly changes position. Your best alternative, as before, is to wait for the door to change position before hitting the ball again.

There aren't any known bugs at this time.

In general, the holes are far more challenging than the earlier versions, but even the most difficult ones have two or more possible solutions. Overall, I find Hole 15 to be the most difficult. Others are difficult in turn. The "Swamp" can be a killer, but I occasionally finish it in 2 (and once nearly got a hole in 1); I've also taken a 20 on it.

To ask any questions or make any comments, please contact me!

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