Zion National Park  

Among the first words that come to mind upon approaching Zion National Park are magnificent and awesome. Its name dates back to the Mormon settlers who were also inspired by the canyon.

In the park itself (in southwest Utah), where the central lodge is a very convenient headquarters for exploring, one is within a canyon whose sheer walls rise over 2000 feet.
Road thru Zion

Along the scenic road between the lodge and the Temple of Sinawava.

And the park is huge - over 200 square miles.

Among the walking/hiking routes within the park are several simple ones, along which it is a joy to stroll and look around (while taking many photographs).

Emerald pools. Either a very short walk to the first pool, or a little longer one to the other two pools

The Narrows. Another easy stroll in an exceedingly narrow part of the canyon

Overlook. A short stroll (as long as you're not bothered by heights) to an overlook of the main canyon

Mule deer. A couple of portraits

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