A Tiny BeeAug. 7, 2011

  Some years ago I photographed what I thought was a tiny bee, which turned out to be a hoverfly. Last month, during July, I did photograph a very tiny bee on a very tiny yellow flower.

The image is rather large, but I find the detail interesting.

tiny bee harvesting pollen
  After admiring the small size of the bee, I then noticed how much pollen she was harvesting. Unbelievable! The bee was really packin'.
tiny bee carrying
  If promotion were possible in the bee world, this bee deserved to be a queen. Or if not that, at least a worker with paid vacation days.

Photo note: Both photos were taken with the Pentax K20D with the Voigtlander 125mm macro lens in mid-July in the Toftrees game land, north of Cooper's Pond, State College, Pennsylvania.

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