Spring PeeperApril 2005

The spring peepers were at it in loud choruses by the beginning of April in State College, Pennsylvania. They're tiny treefrogs (the male is less than an inch long, whereas the female is a trifle larger). Nor were they particularly easy to find until I came across one pond in which they were very active.
Spring peeper face
  For the most part, I saw small faces in the distance, but one spring peeper got out of the water to peep. Unfortunately, he was between the sun and me, which meant a dark shadow obscured him. However, you can see his throat swelling for a mighty peep.
Spring peeper about to peep

One guy got lucky. Incidentally, a positive identification of the spring peeper is the curvy X that appears on his back.
Spring peeper couple
  I have a sound recording that includes spring peepers on my wood frog page.

Photography note: The photos were taken with a Pentax *istD and the SMC 400-600mm lens.  

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