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Writing with exceptional wit and wry insight, Jacobs produces a skewed hybrid of Huxley and Vonnegut that, thanks to his flare for fine-tuned sarcasm, surpasses both in amusement value. Beautiful Soup is Brave New World sent through an irreverent spin cycle and populated by a cast of lovably eccentric rebels whose caustic commentary exposes the hypocritical values not just of supposedly problem-free twenty-first century society but of our own society.

   -- Carl Hayes, BOOKLIST (American Library Association)

Soup's an incisive, wry social satire that so perfectly snares its targets . . . with such depth of emotion and pure lucidity it's only after one's awe has slightly diminished that one feels the idiot grin spread across his or her face. So don't dawdle!

   -- Robert Morales, REFLEX Magazine

Jacobs's comic inferno goes beyond national ID cards to a bar-coded future where personal details appear on one's forehead. Symbols outweigh reality: the top-echelon hero loses human status when accidentally but permanently recoded as tinned pea soup, and his contents are soon coveted by a hungry beggar with a can-opener. An absurdist American odyssey follows, told with alternating zany magniloquence and deadpan wit that sneaks under your guard. Recommended.

   -- David Langford, The Guardian

You can purchase Beautiful Soup from ReAnimus Press.

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