Beautiful OspreysApril 21, 2013

Ospreys (also known as fish hawks) are remarkably beautiful raptors who dine only on fish.

Each spring a few ospreys visit the Toftrees pond, and I've been lucky to have some encounters with them, such as the following overhead view.

Osprey overhead
  Or an over-the-wing view.  
Over-the-wing view of an osprey
  What is even more fortunate is encountering a pair of ospreys flying close together. (They were circling one another continuously.)  
Osprey couple
  A few days afterward, I encountered the pair again. I saw the first in the far distance as I was approaching the pond. The second was perched on a tree limb by the pond itself.  
Osprey waiting
  The ospreys were calling one another, and the farther one flew directly toward the perched osprey, who gave an appropriate greeting.  
Ospreys meeting 1
  As the one flew over the other, the perched osprey then dove off the branch.  
Ospreys meeting 2
  Although seeming to be farther apart, they soon met up.  
Ospreys meeting 3
  Unfortunately that meeting took place behind trees, and I didn't have a clear view. But I could see them circling one another as they flew farther away.

I wish them well and hope they build a nest and have a lovely time together, giving birth to more ospreys for future springs.

Photo note: On the week beginning April 13, 2013, I used a Pentax K20D, with the Sigma 150-500mm lens, for the photos.

An osprey transit

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