Not Mom!

At 7 years, Cloudberry has any number of important goals to accomplish, from squirrel observation to human behavioral experiments. What she neither wanted nor desired was to play Mom to a pesky kitten, who happens to be named George.

Nevertheless, George has a different set of priorities. He no doubt noticed that Cloud receives perhaps more attention than one would otherwise expect. And as an orphan, being in need of a feline role model, he has decided that wherever Cloudberry goes, George is sure to follow.
Out the window

George: "What are we looking at?"

Mobius play

George [on Mobius mat play]: "Ouch!"

Fortunately, for Cloud and for the rest of us, kittens have a tendency to collapse into sleep when least expected.

Yes, George is getting kind of long. One of his nicknames is the Artful Draft Dodger.


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