Waz Dat!?
It's George!


The most terrifying aspect of kittenhood is this fuzzy bundle of energy that has to go everywhere and to do everything.

Every morning I find a new collection of pens, pencils, pipes, lighters, and what have you scattered around the rugs. It has gotten to be so, that my first inclination of finding a pen to write with is to reach toward the floor.

Photographing such activity is unrewarding, unless one is partial to blurry pictures. So I cop out the way most everyone else does and tend to photograph George when he's asleep.

Asleep he looks quite innocent. I assure you: he isn't.

Among the sleeping spots are anywhere he feels tired. This can be in the middle of a hallway, by a door, though he hasn't fallen asleep in any sink yet. But I half expect to find him there one of these days.

Of course, a certain amount of credit goes George's way, for he is able to find ever new manners of sleeping. Curled up to about half his size, he can fit almost anywhere.
George enjoying Gevalia

George does show good taste in coffee, but I regret it isn't the decaffeinated variety.


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