A photojournal (with a few videos) of the tenth annual Wild About Animals exhibition on April 11, 2009, at the Penn State Ag Arena. The event was put together by Robyn Graboski and the Penn State Pre-Vet Club, in support of Centre Wildlife Care, a nonprofit organization devoted to wildlife rehabiliation.
Wild About Animals

Note 1: Photos and text from the April 3, 2010, Wild About Animals event are available.

Note 2: Preview of the forthcoming photojournal of the April 23, 2011, WAA.

(exhibitors by rough category)
Animal Groups

Animal Petting

The Arena

Environmental Organizations

Especially for Pets

The Fun of It All

Karl Striedieck (falconer)

Lion Country Pony Rides

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Working K-9 Association of Central PA (WKACP)


(about 20 seconds each)
The Arena

Easter Egg Hunt

Karl Striedieck and his red-tailed hawk Zoey

Pony Warm-Up

Working K-9 Association of Central PA: Sniff Test

These pages were put together by me for Robyn Graboski. Any mistakes, omissions, errors, and so forth are all my own.
I regret the indoor lighting was rough on the video clips, giving them a yellowish cast. But the event was marvelous, and, in particular, the clip showing the arena captures the happy mood of the day.

For more information on Robyn's wildlife rehabiliation, please visit her site Centre Wildlife Care.

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