Eastern Painted TurtleApril 2005

On April 7 (if not earlier), the eastern painted turtle came out of hibernation and enjoyed the sun on various logs and the shore around Toftrees Pond (which I consider to be a lake).

Although they didn't seem to mind other animals (including snapping turtles which came out on the same day), the sight of a human caused any nearby turtle to slip quickly and quietly into the water without leaving any wake.

The following painted turtle after initial panic did come back to a comfy log.

Eastern painted turtle climbing onto a log
  At first Sue and I saw them in ones and twos. The more we looked, the more of them we saw.
Four turtles on a log
  The most intriguing sight was a line of painted turtles, including a kid turtle. Normally, in State College the only time one sees a long queue is at either of the two Original Waffle Shops.
A row of eastern painted turtles

Photography note: The photos were taken with a Pentax *istD and the SMC 400-600mm lens.  

Common snapping turtle (2005) and Mom common snapper (2010) and Mom snapping turtles (2011)

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