Brycian Trees
Bryce Canyon National Park
Oct. 2002


By their very nature, trees result in larger K photographs than other subjects do. Combined with Bryce Canyon, the following two shots come in together at about 86K. So for those with slow modems, I apologize. For those with fast modems or good patience, glory in the Bryce experience!

Do trees grow as tall or as straight anywhere else?

Probably . . . but the pine seem taller and straighter here. Below, the two Douglas fir trees have grown to be over 70 feet tall in order to reach the sun within the narrow confines of the Wall Street section of Bryce.

Douglas fir going for heaven

The following pair of pine trees are somewhat more out in the open but growing close (and tall!) next to one of the enormous Bryce hoodoo walls (for wind protection?). They're seen somewhat along the way of the Queen's Garden trail.
Shade trees

The particular lens I used is prone to flair, but there are times, as in the photo above, when flair adds a wonderful ambiance.

Photography note: The photos above were taken with a Pentax LX and a 15mm F3.5A lens.  

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