A Peek along Peek-a-Boo
Bryce Canyon National Park
Oct. 2002


Peek-a-Boo Loop does double-duty: it's a horse trail as well as a hiking trail. One gains access to it by descending from Sunset or Sunrise Points and/or Bryce Point, which is a few miles from the previous two points.

It takes the name peek-a-boo because viewpoints are forever opening up and closing. Sometimes one sees hoodoos by the thousands and other times strange and fascinating landscapes. The following photo is the latter type: a view of Bryce Point in the distance. Bryce Point itself is the whitish cliff in the upper center; it rises from the view as if it were a castle from other ages. At this particular place, it would be about 800 or 900 feet of ascent to reach the top, the destination of the day.

Shade trees

The view was pretty enough to call for a sit, rest, and admire, and if one is to rest along the bottom, a visitor is guaranteed: chipmunk!

Photography note: The photo was taken with a Pentax LX and a 15mm F3.5A lens.  

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