About me

A publishing freelancer for forty years before retiring, I live with my wife Sue, and ex-feral cat, in State College, Pennsylvania, and next to a game land, which is convenient for walking, photography, and thinking of new story ideas. I’m an active member of SFWA (stories in Jim Baen’s Universe, Aboriginal SF, and Asimov’s SF), along with numerous fantasy, science fiction, and horror stories in small press and online publications.

My novels include The Steel Eye (Space & Time, 1984, and republished by ReAnimus, 2020), The Gilded Basilisk (ReAnimus, 2014), Einar and the Cursed City (ReAnimus, 2014), Einar and the Myrtledale Conspiracy (ReAnimus, 2015), and Into the Horsebutt Nebula (ReAnimus, 2016). Both young adult Einar titles won first place in the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Thora’s Dagger (ReAnimus, 2022) follows the further adventures of Hugin and Gier from The Gilded Basilisk.

My main website is Look Out Now, but it is rather sprawling, over a thousand pages; however, it has some unique photos and lots of information, from travel to butterflies, wildlife releases to artwork.