Excerpts from Gilded Basilisk reviews

My goal is twofold here, as I continue to learn about blogging. The overall goal, obviously, is to present a few excerpts from reviews which The Gilded Basilisk has received. The other goal is to see how well I fare with visually setting up quotes. And here we go: Presenting four review excerpts (taken from Amazon reviews):

The first review excerpt is from Carol:

Clever dialogue and fun, fantastical characters make this novel a great escape from daily life. Hugin just wants to run a tavern. Fighting battles is too much work and peril; how much better to serve ale and socialize with people, right? Not to mention the fun of his partner at the inn teasing him all the time. (Sometimes it’s maddening, not fun: I’m still upset about Hugin’s boots.)

Such is life: in Hugin’s simple world, evil lurks, and even a guy who hates war may have to take on a wizard, or a basilisk, an elf disguised as a human, or a blind assassin.

The second excerpt is from Russell Adams:

The Gilded Basilisk is an intricate fantasy with a devious plot. With many fantasies, there’s no problem keeping the good guys and bad guys straight. Here, though there are definitely likable characters to wish well, it’s not at all clear which of the others are what they claim to be and which are duplicitous.

The third is from James Beamon:

It only took me a couple days to devour this book. A high fantasy story filled with intrigue and unpredictable magic, it tells the tale of Hugin, a scheming hustler and aspiring innkeeper and his best friend Gier, street brawler and all around man’s man, who find themselves thrust into the middle of a nobleman’s plot to not only seize the reign of their land, but the neighboring kingdom as well. Which nobleman? You’ll spend pages upon pages guessing!

And the fourth is from the interestingly named SomeGuyinLondon:

I really enjoyed this book. As other have commented, it’s got an awful lot of fun, memorable characters. It’s also a very funny book – many quick asides, and slick bits of dialogue. But it doesn’t come across as whimsical to me, which is a good thing – things are at stake here, big things, and the comedy doesn’t detract from that.

Overall, The Gilded Basilisk has 17 reviews that you can consider over at Amazon.

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