Aphrodite in my backyard

That is, an Aphrodite fritillary (Speyeria aphrodite), a large and beautiful butterfly. It came to dine on the black knight butterfly bush and allowed several different views.

Most fritillaries have intense patterns. For identifying this particular butterfly, the choice is between Aphrodite and the great-spangled fritillary, both being somewhat similar to one another. The first view has the butterfly with its wings up, allowing me to decide, yes, Aphrodite (additional white pattern on the upper wing).

Aphrodite fritillary: wings up.

The second view has the fritillary with its wings semi-open. That isn’t an additional identification aid, but it does look lovely, with a good proboscis curl.

Aphrodite fritillary: wings semi-open.

Today’s final view is looking at the upper wings, which are fully spread.

Aphrodite fritillary: wings fully open.

While this year has been a slow one, overall, for butterflies, I’m pleased to report that over the summer both the great-spangled fritillary and the Aphrodite fritillary have been regular visitors. They’re always welcome.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Chet, I’m enjoying your new blog! Best of luck with it.

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