A Sunday Walk

My inactivity has two reasons: (1) laziness and (2) my provider (Hub) was switching accounts (including mine) to a new server. Whatever, I’m back with photos from Oct. 9, 2022, a good day to be outside.

First is a photo of a very distant black vulture, which I generally only see in the spring or fall during migration.

A distant black vulture.

The fall is generally a good time to see hawks, such as this sharp-shinned hawk. (If only it turned its head!)

A sharp-shinned hawk.

Next up is an immature red-tailed hawk (an immature because of the bands on its tail).

An immature red-tailed hawk.

Shortly after the immature flew by, an adult red-tailed hawk appeared. The red is on top of the tail, but with sunlight, you can see the red showing through.

A red-tailed hawk.

As a change of pace, here is a very small bird: a yellow-rumped warbler (whose colors are very muted in the fall).

A yellow-rumped warbler.

Finally, for today, is a scene of tranquillity: autumn colors along the trail.

The trail ahead, in autumn.

Walking outside (with or without a camera) has to be one of the best methods of relaxation.

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