A hedgehog

The past Friday I was photographing animals at Centre Wildlife Care, and there and then I encountered a hedgehog for the first time ever. Wow!

For starters, here is a size comparison between Robyn’s boots and the hedgehog, who is named Sonic. To summarize: Hedgehogs are small.

Boots and hedgehog.

Hedgehogs are not native to the United States (so it’s not particularly surprising if one lives in the US and doesn’t see any); however, Robyn Graboski, who runs Centre Wildlife Care, has permits to allow her to keep a non-native animal at her wildlife rehabbing facility. With the technical stuff now behind, following are additional views of Sonic the hedgehog.

Hedgehog inspecting leaves.
Hedgehog inspecting grass.
A hedgehog smile.
A hedgehog stretch.

I expect children’s books (particularly from the UK) are populated with many hedgehogs. In terms of general literature, all I can think of (in terms of hedgehogs) is The Idiot by Dostoyevsky.

Robyn was having me photograph various animals for her upcoming brochure about her adopting animals fund-raiser at Centre Wildlife Care.

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