A tiger swallowtail

The tiger swallowtail (Papilio glaucus) is one of the largest North American butterflies, and the following photos are all from my backyard. Theoretically, this particular tiger swallowtail is a male (because of the bright yellow), whereas the females are darker and may appear as one of the black swallowtails.

Tiger swallowtails are good flyers, and in terms of photography, it helps if one of them settles for a meal. This tiger swallowtail was very obliging.

A tiger swallowtail.

The tiger swallowtail had a great time at the black knight butterfly bush blossoms.

Right-side up or up-side down, the tiger swallowtail – or any butterfly – can enjoy a meal.

I stopped taking photos after a while and left the swallowtail to his meal. There were two other species of butterfly at the same time, so I have to get it together to present them as well.

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